Welcome to Close To The Beach Vacations, one of San Diego’s busiest and well known travel and tourism sites with thousands of target viewers each month making travel plans to visit or find accommodations near San Diego.

Our network of travel sites promotes user generated content every day via social media and paid advertising and works to remain high in the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc….) for hundreds of the most popular search terms relating to the beaches in Southern California and is bookmarked and gets repeat visits monthly by thousands of loyal site viewers.

Simply put, acts as a powerful aggregator of similar, yet unique choices for travellers seeking more information than they would if they were interested in settling for a drab budget property or an expensive hotel when they are on the road- Since we offer a lot more value with our eclectic mix of beachfront high rise apartments and cozy, mom and pop bed and breakfasts along the coast, unique small oceanfront hotels, and beachfront retreats, guests are very discerning and there is much more information to present than during the booking process than at a typical hotel.

To solve the problem of searching from many owners on different schedules and time zones, over the years we became a fully staffed, web, video and media “lead funnel” for advertisers that make a free listing on our site with a “call to action” button, like “call now” or pay on a “per click through” basis for better site placement.

Visitors return again and again to, and often click on an advertiser’s ad placement and are then sent directly to the advertiser’s web site where they make arrangements and then book directly with the property owner or manager.

Advertising with us is easy, affordable and effective.  We also spend hours every day with a talented team posting on social media to proactively engage with our followers and operate a free reservation and information hotline to expedite bookings for select clients and arrange for stroller rentals, surf rentals, and activities to build our base of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our list Direct Marketing subscribers.  So call or email us today and see how can help you increase your bookings and business today!


We will:

Assess your property

Our friendly, professional and knowledgable staff will come and perform a full valuation of your property.

Create a floor plan

A full floor plan will be made of your property, detailing all sections and dimensions.

Check Public Records and Social Media Comments

Once we are given your approval, we will check the title to the property and comments made on social media about the properties, to avoid complications further down the line and reduce renter uncertainty.

Photos and Video

A full range of photos and video will be taken to highlight every aspect of the property and showcase it to potential occupants.

Create detailed brochure

Here is where we really make a difference. We create detailed brochures complete with photos, floor plan, location map and key features that provide any interested parties with the best possible overview of your property. At Close To The Beach Management, we know that marketing and presentation can often make the difference when trying to entice prospective tenants. Not only do we add a detailed written description of your property, we also add in our own opinion of the property itself and the surrounding area to provide added analysis and a complete snapshot of the property for rent.

Market your property

Once everything is ready, it’s time to get the word out! Not only does our website generate a large amount of interest, our comprehensive marketing approach combines traditional and digital channels to maximise the potential audience of your property.

Arrange Viewings

Once it’s on the market, we will arrange viewings with interested parties and handle all of the work necessary to find the right tenants for your property. We work very closely with you to make sure you are informed of what is going on and are happy throughout the process.

Rent Your Property

Once a final offer has been accepted, we will guide you through the process to complete the necessary paperwork to complete the transaction.

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